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Vol 1-issue 25- Aug 01 -2002


From Sherly's Desk
This Week's Riddle 


From Sherly's  Desk:

I did not... when I did... I never..!  No you are a liar, you have stolen money... Why did you steal money from dad's pocket.. you liar!!  Johnny could hear the cussing and fight among them.  He was puzzling whether ring the doorbell or not?  While stretching his hand toward the doorbell switch, his heart pounded.  He pulled his hand and thought, let me go alone today...  He turned and took few steps but could not go any further.  The uproarious voices increasingly coming from the house of Jay.  How Jay will feel if I go alone, he thought?  He could hear the screams and shouting from inside the house. 

He turned again and pushed the bell, it seemed as if everything halted for a moment.  Jay, are you coming with me to school?  Jay nodded his head in yes, his face was still red with anger.  On the way to school he was silent.  Finally Johnny broke the silence and asked, "Are you OK?"  Jay was at the brink of tears.  He started speaking, "well, this is the routine of our home.  My dad use to drink a lot and come back home and beat my mom and us.  Because of it my mom scold us a lot... and we do not have any peace in our home.  Every day is a day of quarrel.  Sometimes I feel to kill myself. 

Johnny allowed him to cry.  Then he started sharing the love of Jesus Christ with him.  Do you know Jay, suicide is not the answer to your problems.  But you need to invite Jesus in your life and in your home.  When Jesus will come in, He will change everything.  He will wipe away all your tears.  Jay looked toward Johnny in surprise and asked, "Will Jesus really wipe away my tears?  Will Jesus really stop all the quarrels in our home?"  Yes, He will, if you invite Him in your life.  Sure, I want to invite Him in my life and in my home but how can I do that, Jay asked. 

Johnny said, please repeat this prayer after me:  Lord Jesus, I confess all my sins before you.  I am a sinner and I want your forgiveness in my life.  Please wash me with your precious blood and cleanse me.  Please make me a new person.  I invite you to come into my life and be my Lord and Savior.  I accept you as my Lord and Savior.  Lord Jesus, take care of my problems and please stop the quarrels in my home.  Let us live in love and in peace.  I pray this prayer in Jesus name Amen.

As soon as Jay prayed this prayer, he felt a great peace in his heart.  He felt as if all the burdens were rolled away from his heart.  He was feeling very happy as he never felt in his life.  Thank you Johnny for showing me the way of peace and love.  I am a new person now and I am sure that Jesus will make my home also new by saying this Jay went to his class.  On the way to home also he was very happy because he got the peace and joy that world cannot give but Jesus alone. 

My dear young friend, if you are going through tears and pain, invite Jesus in your life and He will give you the peace that He gave to Jay and will wipe away your tears

  This week's Riddle

They were put into jail but while they were singing and praising God
a great earth quake came and their shackles were broken. They found 
themselves free. Who are they?

Kids, who will be able to answer correctly, their names will be published
here.  While answering please do not forget to write your
"name" and "age"  To send your answers click here

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