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From Sherly's Desk
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This Week's Riddle #27


From Sherly's Desk  

Ducky duck was very naughty.  Whether he would be in home or in school, within a few moments he would make that place as hell.  He was totally uncontrollable and mischievous.  Not only his parents were troubled because of his naughtiness but also the whole community.  He used to go to nearby lake and swim there for hours together with his friends.  His scores were poor and his progress reports had bad remarks all the time.

It was a Saturday afternoon; aunt Joan just finished her household work and was waiting for her kids to return from school.  That was a very sunny day so she spread some soaked rice to get dry.  Suddenly she heard a sound like zzzzzzzz......zzzzzz, she thought for a moment, what's going on.  She came running to her patio and saw Ducky duck was running so fast that he was slipped and dashed against the wall.  Dragging and sweeping all rice with him.  Oh, my rice... oh.. Aunt Joan cried. 

Ducky duck stood up, stumbled then walked away.  Aunt Joan murmured, "This boy is a nuisance for every person.."

Next day was Sunday, Ducky duck and his friends made plan to swim in the river.  They all went and started swimming.  Soon they went far away from their home.  Ducky duck was the leader of that group, but he did not notice that his friends had already returned home.  Ducky duck went along the coast, swam few more times and he realized that his friends were not with him.  Sun has set and it became dark.  He thought to go back home and he started going backwards.  Mean while he forgot from where he came.  He lost the way and it was dark... oh, what I will do now, he thought in his heart.  Mom and Dad will cry like anything, oh.. He was trembling and his head was spinning.  He came out of the river and sat at the bank of the river. He was weeping bitterly, "Why I came this far?" He cursed himself.  He tried to sleep in the wilderness but could not as he was trembling hearing the voices of animals. 

At home Ducky duck's parents were very much worried about him.  Why he did not return home till this time... he should have come by this time.. Mom said while sobbing.  I don't know what happened to him.. Oh, he is very naughty.. he does not listen to anybody.  Mom and Dad went to their relative's and friend's homes and searched for him, but of no avail.  They returned home after midnight and found Ducky is still missing.  They came out of their home and started searching in streets and riverbanks.

Finally, Ducky cried out to God, "God please help me, please help me to be reunited with my parents..."  Every moment was passing like many years.  As the time passing by, he was feeling more discomfort and losing his hopes of returning home.  Slowly darkness was vanishing and it was the dawn of new morning.  He heard some very familiar sounds nearby.  He got excited but a great fear came in his heart.  Who can be here, he thought. , Am I hearing correctly?  It was the voice of his father.   With trembling voice he shouted, yes, daddy, I am here.  He pulled his head and started looking toward the voice of his dad.  When they saw each other both ran towards each other.  Mom, Dad and Ducky all cried and thanked God for reuniting them once again.  Ducky was lost but found again.

Yes, my dear little friends, we are lost in our sins and we took our own ways.  But Jesus came searching for us, with His arms stretched towards us.  Will you accept Him as your Lord and Savior and surrender your life in the hands of Jesus.  If yes, please pray this prayer with me:

Loving Jesus, I am lost in my sins.  But you came searching for me.  You did not care about my sins and my rebellions toward you but you gave your life for me.  I thank you for your great sacrifice.  Please forgive and forget all my sins.  I accept you as my Lord and Savior today.  Please wash me with your precious blood.  Make me whole.  I thank you for listening to my prayers.  I pray in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Story time....

O Jesus, Son of Maryam, heal me - 2

Gulshan, her two maidservants and her father stayed in UK for few more days as her father had to arrange air tickets to Pakistan via Jeddah.  Jeddah airport is used by pilgrimage to Mecca.  During these days her father went to see his friends from Pakistan community and women from their communities also visited her.  But it was a matter of great shame for her as she had withered limbs with the skin turned black, wrinkled and turned loose.  She was in that age when girls dream of the day when they would wear bright red dress with gold embroidery and to go to her husband's house loaded with jewels.  But Gulshan had to face a lonely future behind the veil of shame as an invalid person. Her world was crumbling down as the world's best hospitals and doctors had no answer for her sickness.  But now only one hope left, to visit Mecca and ask Allah to heal her.

When Pakistan airline's plane landed at airstrip she felt a sense of freedom of leaving England.  Sema and Salima accompanied her in her journey.    Mecca is a place for about every Muslim dreams to be there at least once in their lifetime.  It is obligated for every Muslim to go to Mecca as it is one of the five pillars of Islam.  She sat between her two maids, Sema and Selima in first class compartment of plane.  Sema acted as support for Gulshan's weak left side and Selima was ready to carry her.  There were other pilgrims in that plane who wore white garment which is necessary to be worn for those who go on Hajj.  She was exited and a bit afraid as she was thinking of what lay ahead. 

Finally plane touched down and her father's old friend came to receive them at airport.  The sheik had eight wives and eighteen children who were living a big luxurious house.  He was a landlord, had his own oil well and many cattle, camels, goat and sheep.  He and his family lived in luxury.  They enjoyed their hospitality.  During the stay, Sheik gave his car and driver and they could visit the beautiful city of Jeddah before leaving to Mecca.  Sheik also insisted to take his car and driver to Mecca.  They left very early in the morning, after prayers so that they can also see the places on the way.  Many people were going on foot in scorching heat.  They did not do this because they were poor but to remember Abraham who went to the same journey.

Gulshan did not say to anybody but she felt glad in her heart to be a cripple so that she had not to walk in intense heat.  She knew that it was not the spirit of Hajj but Hajj requires total submission to Allah.  Fifteen miles prior to Mecca signs warned them, "Restricted area Muslim only permitted."  At the entry point some soldiers had guns and they were checking every person's pass.  If infidel or non-Muslims wanted to enter they were killed.

The progress was very slow as many people walking on foot and the narrow road climbing to hills, that was cut into the rocks.  People were chanting the Quranic verses on the way to the pilgrimage.  "There is no God but Allah. Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah..."  They went around the hill and city then driver stopped the car and the words came out of their mouth, ""Labbayka Allahumma Labbayka!" "Here I am, at Thy service. O Allah! Here I am at Thy service; Here I am at Thy service; There is no partner unto Thee; Here I am at Thy service; to Thee the glory, the riches and the sovereignty of the world. There is no partner to Thee."

Father was explaining, "Think about that, it is Muhammed's city where Muhammed preached in these streets.."  They headed toward Hajj camp where some rooms were arranged for them.  Father ordered two lambs for each person including maids, total eight lambs for sacrifice.  He did it so that their prayers have more effectiveness with the blood of more lamb.  They had two rooms with simple cots, latticed string with hair mattress.  It was hard for her to sleep on those cots; particularly paralyzed left side had difficulty in turning.  She longed to have her cotton filled mattresses where she could lay in comfort. But to complaint means losing the blessings so she kept silent.  Laying in her cot, she could hear the sound of chanting from Quran, Allahu Akbar—"God is Most Great."  She felt proud of being there so did her maids.  Maids told her, "How lucky we are to be your servants, and to be on Hajj.  It was really fortunate for those village girls, as many could not afford the money or time to come and visit these places.  If they visited all the places it could take one month. 

All the people wore white dress of pilgrimage called Ihram.  Father told her that, "a person who wears the Ihram, he/she left their old life and they have new life.  If with this new life they die, they will go to heaven directly."  Next day they had to go to

Ka'aba so she stayed in her room, praying, reading the Quran and in other ways preparing for next day.   Muslim's believe that Ka'aba was built by Abraham and the black stone in it was delivered from heaven. 

As she was sick and crippled, she was performing the rituals with the help of her maids.  She thought in her heart, "it is true that 14 years of your life, you lived as a cripple person but in this place where so much faith and so much prayers offered, Allah will hear prayers of your family members and Mohammed will ask Allah to heal you."

Next morning they all woke up early morning.  After prayers and early breakfast they were ready to go to Ka'aba - the holiest place of Muslims.  Father arranged wheelchair for her so that she may be carried inside in a wheelchair. Sema and Selima walked beside her as they went inside.  They entered in a big arena where great minarets and mosque were there.  In the midst of that there was a huge cubed like structure built by black granite called Ka'aba - the house of Allah.  Thousands of people were going around and kissing the black stone of Ka'aba.  In this place she was transferred to a wooden chair which four people carry.  It was a bumpy ride and it was most discomforting for her.  They went three times around the cubed structure.  Every time when they reached the north west side of cubed structure they shouted, "Allahu Akbar - God is great".  At the last round she found herself at the black stone.  Those who carried her told her that, she should kiss the black stone they lowered her wooden chair and pushed her.  She leaned over and kissed the black stone, she closed her eyes and felt as in touch with the prophet. 

She prayed, "please heal me and heal these others."  But nothing happened.  Salima and Sema pulled her back and they went on their way.  Her heart was broken.  She kept her head down so that she may not see her father's troubled eyes.  Their next stop was the prayer place of Abraham where she offered her dearest wish, "Please heal me".. but nothing happened...

To be continued...

  This week's Riddle #27

Seven priests, on the seventh day went around the city seven times 
and blew the trumpets. When it happened people shouted and wall 
of the city came down. What was the name of the city and who was 
the leader of that army who went around the city?

Kids, who will be able to answer correctly, their names will be published
here.  While answering please do not forget to write your
"name" and "age"  To send your answers click here

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