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Bible Story:
David and Goliath
David was a shepherd and he lived in Israel.  David loved God from his childhood.  When he was a little boy and when he flocked his sheep in the wilderness, he sang songs of praise to God.  Whenever bear or lion came to catch his sheep, he did fight with them and God helped him to safeguard the sheep not to lose even a single sheep.

When he was sixteen years old, God sent Samuel to his house to anoint him as king of Israel.  Samuel came to his house and selected David rejecting all his brothers. Samuel followed the direction of God in selecting David. His brothers were good looking and some were already in the army of Saul, still God chose David a shepherd boy to lead Israel.

One day David's father called him and asked him to go to his brothers with lunchbox for them.  When David was in the company of his brothers, he saw one Philistine defying the Israelites saying, "I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together."  When Saul and all Israel heard his words they were greatly troubled and dismayed.

Then David asked the people who were around him, "What shall be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel? For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?"  But David's brothers started scolding him and said, "you have come to see the battle here".  But David turned to another person and asked him the same question and they replied that for any person who kills Goliath, king would give him his daughter in marriage and enrich him with great riches, and also his father's house will be exempt from taxes in Israel."

When Saul heard the words of David that he was ready to go and fight with Goliath, he called David.  When Saul looked at David, he said to David, "You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him; for you are a youth, and he a man of war from his youth."  But David told of his experience when he kept his father's sheep and how when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb out of the flock, he went out after it and struck it, and delivered the lamb from its mouth; and how when it arose against him, he caught it by its beard, and struck and killed it.  He also said, "Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God.  The

LORD, who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine." And Saul said to David, "Go, and the LORD be with you!"

So Saul clothed David with his armor, and he put a bronze helmet on his head; he also clothed him with a coat of mail.  David fastened his sword to his armor and tried to walk, for he had not tested them. And David said to Saul, "I cannot walk with these, for I have not tested them."  So David took them off.

David took his staff and chose five smooth stones from river brook and put it in his shepherd's bag.  He took his sling and went to fight with Goliath.  When Goliath saw that one boy was coming with a staff he says, "am I a dog that you come to me with sticks?" And Goliath cursed David by his gods.  Goliath also said to him, "Come to me, and I will give your flesh to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field!"

Then David said to him, "You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.  This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you. And this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.  Then all this assembly shall know that the LORD does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord's, and He will give you into our hands."

So Goliath stood up and came near to meet David, then David took one stone from his bag and put it in his sling and slung it.  The stone struck on the forehead of Goliath and he fell on his face and died immediately.  When the Philistines saw that their champion is dead they fled from there.


Is Bible Infallible?

By Vinod Isaac

When it comes to creation there are many new theories. Many people believe earth and every thing in it came to existance through evolutionary process. Many people think that life came to existance by a random chance. Many try to adjust what is in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 with the scientific hypothesis that are circulating widely.

Let us start with Genesis to see if creation account in Genesis holds good.

Today we are going to look into eye witness account and in the days to come we will get into other evidences.

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 claims that God is the creator of heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:2 declares that the Holy Spirit was eye witness to the event. God is the creator so He is eye witness to the event as well. John 1:1-3 says God created every thing through Jesus so Jesus is also eye witness.

Eye witness account is the most accurate to know exactly what happened. Let me give one example I have a chair in a room. I move that chair from position A to position B then after some time I move it from position B to position C. There is no eye witness to this other than me who is doing it. Can any body else coming in the room find out that chair was once in position A then B and now C? and that it was not in position C all the time? Answer is no.

Unless eye witness or the creator Himself declares what exactly happened there is no way to find out what happened. So let us see what God, Holy Spirit or Jesus has to say about Genesis account in other parts of Bible. God declares in Isa 42:5 that He is the creator.

Isa 42:5 Thus says God the LORD, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread forth the earth and that which comes from it, Who gives breath to the people on it, And spirit to those who walk on it:

Not only it confirms the Genesis 1:1 account that heavens and the earth are created by God but every thing that is in it. Also it confirms that it is God who gives breath to the people. Do you have breath? then it is given by God.

in Mark 13:19 Jesus declares that God is the creator.
Mark 13:19 "For in those days there will be tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be.

John 1:1-3 declares that God created every thing through Jesus so Jesus' account have more credibility than any thing else.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:2 He was in the beginning with God.
John 1:3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

Jesus also claims that He exists even before Abraham existed.

John 8:56 "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad."
John 8:57 Then the Jews said to Him, "You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?"
John 8:58 Jesus said to them, "Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM."

So here we find a person who existed when earth was created. He not only existed but He was an eyewitness to the account and not only that He has His involvment in the creation.

Angels where eye witness to the creation in Rev 10:5-6 they also declare that God is the creator.
Rev 10:5 The angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his hand to heaven Rev 10:6 and swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and the things that are in it, the earth and the things that are in it, and the sea and the things that are in it, that there should be delay no longer,

Now all the scripture is written by the inspiration of Holy Spirit so Holy Spirit has put the stamp of approval for every thing written in Bible. What Holy Spirit has to say about creation.

Eph 2:10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.
Eph 3:9 and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ;

Col 1:14 in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.
Col 1:15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.
Col 1:16 For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.

24 elders in heaven declare that God has created all things.
Rev 4:11 "You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created."

Bible having so many references to God being the creator of the universe and earth a person who believes in Bible cannot even think that there can be any other explanation. Because a person who has tasted the love of Jesus knows it well that God is almighty and He can do any thing. Not only that when He says some thing that is the truth. But still we will dig deeper into other evidences in the coming days to see if Genesis account holds good or it can be sidelined as many liberal theologians try to do by explaining that there are two creation accounts and so on.

  This week's Riddle #40

How many animals were there in Moses' ark?

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Answer of Riddle #39 and Winner

What is the food of angels?

Answer: Manna
When Israelites went into wilderness, God provided them the food from heaven and the Bible says in Psa 78:24-25, "Had rained down manna on them to eat, And given them of the bread of heaven. Men ate angels' food; He sent them food to the full."

And the riddle was taken from:
Psalms 78:24-25

Sorry No winners this time. This time we did not receive any correct answers.

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