Kid's Good News
Vol 1-issue 8/April 04-2002

From Sherly's Desk..
This Week's Riddle 

From Sherly's Desk...

Little Johnny was walking on a road from long time.  It seemed to him as eternity.  He looked at his watch and thought, "where I am going, its almost two hours since I left my friend's house."  After a fifteen more minute walk he reached to a place where he saw big gate and guard sitting at the gate.  Where are you going?  The thunderous voice of guard shook him.  He could not speak a word but pointed out his fingers toward inside gate.  Umm.. so you want to go to heaven.  He nodded his head in yes. 

Guard told to Johnny, no one can go to heaven if their name is not written in the book of life.  And he called an angel to bring the book of life.  Within few moments angel came with a very big golden shiny book in his hand.  Johnny was standing there and shaking and sweating. Angel started looking the name of Johnny on the book... Jeremy, John... Joshua... Umm.. it looks your name is not in this book so you can not enter into heaven, angel said to Johnny.  Johnny started crying, no, please look again.. it should be there.  My name should be there... please, please.  Angel said, go ahead and look yourself.  He opened the book before Johnny.  With shaky hands he started searching his name in that big book but alas, there was no such name.

Angel said, you cannot enter heaven, go to hell and showed the way to hell.  But why?  I used to go to Church regularly, I used to read the Bible every single day and pray everyday.  Why I should go to hell?  Because you rejected the life of Jesus Christ, you did the rituals but never accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. 

But Sir, I got annual award of best kid in my school then why my name is missing from your list?  Sir, please consult my teachers, it seems to me that there is some mistake in your database.  I am a good kid, somehow my name is erased from your list.  Angel said, no son, our database is not like human database that may have some mistakes.  Though you went to Church regularly but you never invited Jesus in your life.  You lived a good life but your sins are not washed by the blood of Jesus.  And whose sins are not forgiven they cannot enter into heaven.

Sir, please give me one more chance, I will try my best to come back in this place, Johnny pleaded.  Son, there is no second chance after death.  You lost all your chances while on the earth, now enter into hell fire where there is only torment.  This is the place prepared for those who reject Jesus' great sacrifice on the cruel cross.  By saying this angel closed the big gate of heaven.

To be continued..


  This week's Riddle  

His heart was like stone, 
He refused to listen anybody even God
He was happy to be with flies and frogs
When he allowed them to go, they celebrated a feast
Who he was and what was the name of the feast?

Kids, who will be able to answer correctly, their names will be published
here.  While answering please do not forget to write your
"name" and "age"  To send your answers click here

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